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Landscaping Contractors Coventry
Here at DNA Landscapes we pride ourselves with providing a comprehensive service for all of our clients.

Trading independently for over 7 years and backed up with 25 years experience in landscaping and building, including three years installing show gardens for one of the U.K’s top house builders, we are the ideal choice as garden landscapers in Coventry.

We work closely with our clients from conception and design through to installation, after care and maintenance.

Out clients can be confident that they will receive the very best in customer service with good communication being key in delivering quality throughout the process. We have Public liability insurance for £1,000,000 so you have complete peace of mind from start to finish that you will be hiring one of the best landscaping contractors in Coventry.

More than 40 years combined experience landscaping in Coventry
DNA Landscapes is one of the most well-respected landscapers in the area, with many delighted residential and business customers across Coventry. We are a family-run business and we care deeply about what we do.

Founded in 2015 by Andy Lyden, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service at competitive prices. Your delight in our finished work is what drives our standards to be as high as possible. No job is too big or small and even it is only one of our services you initially need we will be delighted to show you what we can do, so you keep coming back in the future. We're here for the long term so our reputation is key so whether it a a replacement of garden fencing or decking or simply laying a patio we'd love to hear from you.

Landscaping Coventry
DNA Landscapes has completed many landscaping projects of all sizes, for a wide range of residential and commercial clients right across Coventry and the surrounding area. We love what we do, and we’re only satisfied when you are too. Landscaping is our passion, our business, our DNA.

Whatever the size of your project we will give you our time and expertise to ensure you are happy with the plans for your garden and know what to expect before, during and after our work. We have a £1M public liability insurance in place and guarantee all our work. We are very proud of the feedback we have had back from our landscaping customers in Coventry and will do our utmost to add you to that list too. Please get in touch with us today to start the ball rolling...

Landscape Design Coventry
For comprehensive garden makeovers it makes sense to have your landscape garden designed first. It will be a reasonable investment so it is important for you to know what you are aiming for and what this will look like. A landscape design also provide our landscapers with a precise plan of what you want where and also provides a valuable project map as we will know how to prioritise and order the work to get the best results with minimal disruption. Not all landscaping work will require a garden design plan especially if you already know exactly what you want where. These become most landscaping contractors Coventry useful for new home owners who have a blank canvas and allows initial concepts to be adjusted on paper which is much more cost effective than changing plans during the build!

Hard Landscaping Coventry
We offer all aspects of hard landscaping including contemporary, rustic styles and even Japanese style gardens. Our contemporary hard landscaping options would include the inclusion of materials such as Italian porcelain paving, an artificial lawn, composite decking, and perhaps a resin bound patio. For sloping gardens ground excavation an installation of a retaining wall can add massive character whilst these hard landscaping components provide an extremely low maintenance garden.

Rustic style will include more products such as timber decking, sandstone or slate patios and paving and the use of timber sleepers for borders and raised beds.

Soft Landscaping Coventry
For a complete garden transitions as well hard landscaping we will also provide a soft landscaping service too, so that your garden is almost the finished article. We say 'almost' as we know that as a garden is a leaving entity as plants, shrubs and trees grow you may decide that you want to move some plants around as they mature and you want certain new plants you buy in certain locations.

We will help with our knowledge of trees and shrubs and we can lay new turf as part of our soft scaping service too.

Garden Drainage Solutions
Whether you simply have issues with your garden getting waterlogged in places or simply want to plan your garden maintenance at the initial stage of a full landscaping project we can help create an irrigation platform for you plants or ensure that if you have poor drainage that we provide a drainage solution that will allow you to plant certain plants in certain areas of your garden and not worry about them drowning following a spell of wet weather.

If your garden is predominantly on clay soil you are more likely to have drainage issues and if you have noticed puddles on your lawn taking a long time to go away this will be a good indicator.

Garden Timber Structures
With more people appreciating and enjoying outdoor space and nature in their gardens more people are looking to include a permanent garden structure of some sort. The most popular being wooden gazebos, pergolas and arbours. We can make any of these structures to suit your requirements, so you have total flexibility on the size, positioning and style you want. These structure provide an excellent visual aspect to a garden as well as providing a shelter under which a bench or chars can be placed to enjoy your garden.

They can also provide the means for climbers to envelope the structure to blend into your garden if that is the look you are after

As well as back gardens our landscaping also extends to front gardens. Many front gardens will have a driveway and this is part of your front garden's landscape. Depending on the size and shape of your front garden a driveway can be the most prominent aspect of your property so it makes sense for this to have kerb appeal.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer any type of driveway including tarmac, gravel, imprinted concrete, block paving, cobbles and resin. We have an eye for which driveway type may visually work well in your garden and by being able to offer these alternatives we won't push you down any particular style unless it's what you want and have budgeted for.

Why Choose DNA Landscapes Coventry?

Experienced Team
We have more than 40 years combined experience in creating beautiful landscape gardens.

Licensed & Insured Lanscapers
Insure to £1,000,000 we meet the highest local and regional standards, and use only certified products.

Landscape Specialists
We focus on landscaping projects since that is our passion. We treat every job as though it is our own garden and have been selected by major housebuilders to manage the landscaping for their show homes throughout Coventry.

Competitive Prices
With our ability to provide and install so many options our versatility means we can work closely with your to achieve the look you want with the budget you've allocated.

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